"A Black Belt is a White Belt that Never Quit." - Sr. Grandmaster Edward B. Sell

Grandmaster Edward B. Sell

On the morning of February 6th, 2014, Sr. Grandmaster Edward B. Sell, went to heaven. He was surrounded by his family, and his loving wife at his home in Lakeland, Florida. Hours before his passing, he sat down with his sons, daughter in law, and soul mate and shared how much he loved his family, and how much he loved his USCDKA Black Belts and Students.

Thank you for your support and all of your prayers.

In lieu of flowers we ask that you send donations to the Sell Team Ministry to help continue the evangelistic crusade that was so dear to his heart.  You can donate online at www.sellteam.org or you can mail a check, made out to Evangelistic Taekwondo Exhibition, to P. O. Box 91113, Lakeland FL 33804.

Article from The Ledger:
Martial Arts Instructor Knew How To Bring People Out of Their Shells

Grandmaster Edward B. Sell…

is the highest ranked non-oriental in the world in Taekwondo.  His Taekwondo credentials and reputation are world renown. He has more than fifty years of experience in the research, teaching, and performing of the World’s most effective martial arts (Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan).  He is the founding President of one of the oldest Taekwondo institutions in America, the United States Chung Do Kwan Association (USCDKA) est. 1967. Sr. Grandmaster Sell was proclaimed  A Living Legend in Taekwondo by the Korean Government in 2010. A team of journalist was sent to  the United States to document 22 legends of America.  Sr. Grandmaster Sell was the only native-born American to be honored with this distinguished title.  He offers credentials and business consulting to Black Belts who wish to excel in the profession of teaching Taekwondo.  Grandmaster Sell developed a unique Instructors Degree system to keep the retention of high ranking black belts. He is also known throughout the world for his brick & concrete breaking abilities, impressive world-class stage performances and high impact Taekwondo seminars.  He and his wife, Grandmaster Brenda Sell, 9th Dan, of more than 37 years, also a Grandmaster, work side by side daily as the administrators of the USCDKA. They also offer world-class stage presentations, promoting Taekwondo and speaking inspiring messages into people’s lives; receiving many assignments directly from the U.S. Pentagon enabling them to speak and perform at hundreds of military installations throughout the world. Very few husband and wife teams work so effectively to have such an extraordinary impact to everyone who witnesses their presentations or seminars.

The wealth of knowledge obtained by any Grandmaster in teaching and leading a national martial arts institute, undoubtedly, could never be documented.  Such is the case for Grandmaster Edward B. Sell and the United States Chung Do Kwan Association.  As we journey through his life, insight will be gained into what has made this man who he is today.   His martial arts career has spanned over 5 decades and continues on to this day.

The “Pearls”, as Grandmaster Sell calls them, are short vivid stories or suggestions on how to learn about something quickly. Grandmaster Sell introduced his pearls to his students early in his teaching career back in 1967 when he opened his very first Korean Karate Studio. He used the term “Karate” because, at that time, the word Taekwondo was not very popular.  The term “studio” was used because back then a school was a public or private place to get an education, and not in martial arts. However, there were many dance studios around at that time.  His pearls were given out at the beginning of each class or at the end of each class. They were short, sweet and to the point. He would gather his students around him, similar to that of a football huddle, and he would give the “tip of the week”.  Most of his pearls were original, but when he began reading books on self-improvement by mentors like Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar, he would take quotes form them and try to improve upon them.  He would also use quotes from the Bible, especially the book of Proverbs.  It was his readings in Proverbs that started a spark in his spirit that created a hunger to know more about God!  That hunger became like a fire in his heart that resulted in him being an ordained minister today. 

He calls his teachings Building Blocks To Leadership, which began in early 1990s, as he would combine four areas that have made him a success today.

  • His many years of experience as a martial arts teacher. 
  • common sense that has been honed from trails and errors.
  • His many years of research and personal study under world renown teachers of self-improvement and leadership.
  • His faith in God that has tenderized his spirit so that he can receive godly wisdom.

The combination of these four areas with the addition of a tremendous amount of charisma can only result in creating an outstanding teacher, speaker and a great people builder.

It is the desire of this national Taekwondo association, the United States Chung Do Kwan Association and all the people behind it, that you will see the true person, Edward B. Sell,  behind the world title of the highest ranked non-oriental in the world in Taekwondo.