Robert B. Armstrong

I have known Grandmaster Edward B. Sell personally for approximately 14 years.  Although my background is not in Taekwondo, through mutual friends, we met and I have closely followed his career path for the past decade.

As an established national writer, I have known him in a personal way, because I have not only assisted him in many writings and promotional projects, but one-on-one in putting his autobiography together.  I have heard more stories about his miraculous life and exciting career; than even most his own students and leaders.

Specifically, I have keenly observed several of the Sell Team Ministry events in the past few years.  His unswerving ability to communicate and lead is unmatched.  His somewhat military style of leadership that compels others to listen is tempered with his warm, compassionate way of handling many tough-decision situations in a mild manner.

Not only have I seen all kinds and ages of people look up to this respected leader, he is not “above them” as he communicates with every single person on a one-on-one basis, which puts his students and friends at ease, in spite of being in the audience of a world-known leader.

His heart, without any “hidden agendas” or guile at all, is one of true compassion.  In a unique non-selfishness, he relishes the opportunity of sharing his mentorship with others.

My amazement, as I have dealt with thousands of people over the years, is that not only can people visibly see the impact he has had on thousands of lives, personally (in some places he is even revered), but to reflect ahead to his teachings making a very distinctive difference in students, as they make correct and proper choices for good in the future.  That will be traced back to Grandmaster Edward B. Sell, whom I consider it a privilege to be called a “friend”.

Chaplain Dale Code – Fort Knox

Innovative! Initiative! Inspirational! Invigorating! Informative!  The Sell Team is all of these “IN” things and more.  Since my first meeting with the Sell Team in September 1997 they have proven themselves to be “IN” with the soldiers, Marines, and civilians of the First Armor Training Brigade at Fort Knox, KY.   As a battalion Chaplain for four years in 1ATB, we hosted the Sell Team on eight different occasions; to include two performances Thanksgiving Day of 1998!

Every performance was different.  INnovation was displayed by inserting Patriotic themes into their repertoire such as their “Proud to Be an American” venue which was always a big hit with the young people.  INitiative was seen in how Grandmaster Ed Sell would accommodate our training schedule to fit his to be here to perform.  No challenge was too great for the Sell Team to travel from out of state to encourage those in service.  The Inspiration that the trainees received invigorated their morale to go on for just one more day.  Especially after hearing Grandmaster Sell’s personal story of how “the indomitable human spirit” kicked in for him at trying times of his life.  No one leaves a Sell Team performance without having gained valuable life information and learned something about martial arts, themselves, and, perhaps most importantly how that there is a Higher Power available to all.   Invite The Sell Team  Ministry in your area soon!

Chief Master Sergeant John F. Burt Jr.

My name is Chief Master Sergeant John F. Burt Jr. I am a member of the 105th Airlift Wing, Stewart ANGB, Newburgh New York. I have known Edward B. Sell for over fifteen years. He is a man of  sound moral character and awesome competence whose mission in life is to “touch the lives” of over 1,000,000 people. In the Fall of 1999 the Sell Team, under the leadership of Senior Grandmaster Sell, visited West Point Military Academy to “touch the lives” of the cadets. As a Sell Team member at West Point, I witnessed the positive effect of Ed Sell’s leadership abilities, high moral conduct, empathy, spirituality and enthusiasm on the military men and women of West Point. Each person touched by that visit grew in mind body and spirit, therefore impacting significantly upon the mission of the Academy and the future military leaders. The experience is one I will never forget. As for his organizational skills, Senior Grandmaster Sell is the “CEO” of the oldest and most respected Taekwondo organization in the United States and the founder of the Sell Team. Both of which are a result of his exceptional initiative, resourcefulness, tact, judgment and organizational abilities. Senior Grandmaster Sell is also goal orientated. Consider the fact that he has reached his life long goal of becoming the highest-ranking non-oriental in the world as a 9th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt.

Senior Grandmaster Edward B. Sell is a person who is ready for any new challenge and I expect what ever it is he puts into his mind to do, will be done.

Chaplain (Colonel) Scott McChrystal – West Point

I am Chaplain (Colonel) Scott McChrystal, Staff Chaplain for the United States Military Academy at West Point.  I have been a part of the United States Army for thirty years and want to take this opportunity to convey my observations about Grandmaster Edward B. Sell.  I understand that he is a candidate for upgrade to 9th Dan Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Federation certified on or about September 10, 2001 in Seoul, Korea.

Grandmaster Sell and his wife, Brenda, have been doing powerful ministry to the United States military for almost two decades.  While they have both amazed and inspired literally thousands of young military men and women with their incredible martial arts skills, their greatest contributions unquestionably lie in the message they are bringing.  It is a message about values and character and its importance for good living.  The foundational truth behind the message is their complete faith and trust in God, a message they proclaim with skill, boldness, and love.

Last year we had the privilege of having Grandmaster Sell, Brenda, their son Robbie, and about a dozen of their highly trained students come to West Point.  They came to demonstrate their remarkable abilities in the art of Tae Kwan Do and to teach our cadets about the critical importance of godly character.  While time does not permit me to describe all of their activities, let me say that the combined impact of their visit was astounding.  We were able to schedule many performances by the team to a wide variety of cadet and community audiences.  They gave a demonstration at a running race with over a thousand in attendance.  They conducted two school assemblies, one for elementary aged children and one for kids in 6th through 8th grade.  The team provided demonstrations to our men’s and women’s varsity basketball teams, inspiring all of the players to give their best and to always do what is right.  Additionally, they gave demonstrations to many other cadet audiences which were extremely well received.  Finally, I was able to introduce them to most of the key leaders here at the Military Academy to include a private session with the Commandant of Cadets, Brigadier General Eric Olson.

The combined impact of their visit has continued to positively affect the lives of the people here in this community, especially the United States Corps of Cadets (over four thousand).  I continue to receive many positive comments from both cadets and community members who saw their ministry last year.  I thank God for Grandmaster Sell and his willingness to commit his life toward improving the lives of military men and women.

In closing, thank you for the privilege of relating this information about a man I greatly admire and respect.  His mental and physical capabilities are well known to you.  But his godly character and commitment to helping our military service men and service women are qualities about Grandmaster Sell which I cannot over-state.  Let me put it this way.  I am convinced that if Grandmaster Sell had remained in the military he would be a high-ranking General.  Instead, God has directed his path to become a world leader in martial arts and a powerful witness and teacher for the Lord.  In my opinion, this makes him a shining example for the martial arts community.

May God bless you richly.